Meet Up Session BAMA


One of BAMA’s main objectives is to raise and promote greater awareness on Biliary Atresia Disease and treatments available for the disease.

Hence, BAMA will be hosting an event to service this purpose.

We are fortunate to have an expert to share his knowledge and opinions on Biliary Atresia and liver transplant.

We cordially invite our Biliary Atresia Families and friends to this event with the following details;

Day / Date         :             Monday, 11 December 2017

Venue                 :             Bilik Serbaguna, Aras 1, Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia, Jalan Tun Razak,                                                      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Time and Event

12.30pm             :             Registration and lunch

1.30 pm               :             Opening speech by BAMA president

1.45pm                 :             Presentation by Head of Pediatric Liver unit & Pediatric Liver Transplant

Service (MAX hospital, New Delhi)

3.30 pm               :             Question & Answer session

4.00 pm               :             Sharing session

4.30 pm               :             Closing speech  and appreciation gift from BAMA to Doc Sharvat and photo



Topics to cover

A- Introduction

  1. What Is Biliary Atresia
  2. Ways to diagnosed Biliary Atresia
  3. What are the treatment options
  4. Medications after Kasai

B- Liver Transplant

  1. Transplant Practical issues on how /where/ costs for liver transplant
  2. Life after Liver Transplant
  3. Diet and medication after Liver Transplant


Thank you.


Please liaise with BAMA representatives

for your seat reservation.


Mudz    : 013 – 2505396

Sal          : 017- 801 2677

Azreen : 012- 2620651